The Luxe Tray is an ultra-modern and luxurious new concept in the world of in-room hotel amenities, best described as the next evolution of the hotel minibar.

It is an in-room vanity tray containing a specially curated selection of luxury fragrance, skincare and makeup, and on request, a selection of delicious handmade treats, available for guests to enjoy from the comfort of the hotel room and only pay for the products they use.


Each item is handpicked and expertly paired with complementary products, to ensure a seamless luxury experience for the most discerning luxury traveller.


(Bottles shown here are for illustration purposes only.
Products in hotel room, will be displayed in original packaging)

To the hotel, The Luxe Tray is an attractive display of luxury products, styled to add the finishing touch to the decor and furnishings of the hotel suite. Additionally, the affiliation with iconic luxury brands serves to reinforce the hotel’s own luxury brand image, and presents a tangible way to make an unforgettable impression on the guest.

To the guest, The Luxe Tray is an exquisite selection of high-end fragrance and cosmetics, created for both convenience and indulgence; an upscale version of quaint bathroom toiletries, together with a decadent selection of delicious treats available to try behind closed doors…

Our specially curated selection of products from the world’s finest brands will thrill the most discerning of guests, creating special memories, from either the discovery of the latest beauty must-haves, or the experience of mouth-watering edibles.

The Luxe Tray is an exciting and highly lucrative concept, designed to revolutionise the hotel experience for the luxury traveller.


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